How To Lose Weight Effectively But With Weight Loss That Will Stick!

bellyIf there’s one thing that almost everyone has in common it’s that they’re unhappy about their weight. It’s almost universal, especially thanks to the fact that we all live in a society that focuses on working 40 hours a week – or even more – sitting in an office chair answering phones and working on a computer only to go home where we sit on a couch and watch television until we’re ready to go to bed. However, just because you’ve put on weight over the years doesn’t mean you can’t take it off; here’s how to go about starting a weight loss regimen that will be effective.

Begin in the Kitchen

Part of why you’ve put on so much weight is the food you’ve been eating. This means that any successful weight loss plan must have a dietary component. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve got to switch to eating tofu and bean sprouts, though that’s not a terrible idea; instead try some simple steps at first like eliminating processed foods high in sugars like soft drinks or high-carbohydrate snack foods. Replacing high-carb meals with those that are rich in protein and high in fiber will keep you feeling full in ways those carbohydrates won’t, and that means it will be easier to stick to a diet if you’re not constantly hungry.

Get Up Off the Couch

While you’ll lose weight by changing your diet, you’ll really maximize your weight loss by combining a good, well-balanced diet with an exercise regimen. This doesn’t involve running out to the gym, either – you can simply increase your activity levels by around 30 minutes at a time anywhere from 3 to 5 days a week to see a marked improvement. Whether it be walking around the block a few times after work or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, increased physical activity is the key to help burn fat and lose weight.

Supplements Are Your Friend

Of course no weight loss plan would be complete without a good, high-quality nutritional supplement. There are many weight loss supplements out there on the market, but sadly few of them actually work as advertised. This makes it difficult to find one that’s going to be beneficial for you, but there are plenty of products on the market – products like green coffee bean extract that actually work as advertised in supporting your weight loss goals. Your mileage may vary, so make sure you do your research thoroughly before choosing the weight loss supplement that’s right for you.

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The Ultimate Guide to Phytoceramides (Must Read!)

phytoceremidesPerhaps you are wondering about phytoceramides side effects and need some more information before you feel comfortable about trying this new and exciting supplement? If so, then you are in the right place, as our resident health and beauty experts have taken the time to compile the ultimate guide to phytoceramides below. Absorb and enjoy!


Phytoceramides have gained a lot of attention in the media and press recently, and this is mainly due to the fact that it is being touted as a miracle supplement that promises to reduce the signs of aging on your skin, lessen wrinkles, remove fine lines, and leave you feeling 10 years younger.

So are these claims true? Or is it all just a bunch of nonsense designed to separate you from your cash? Discover more below…

How does it work?

Quite simply, phytoceramides contain an ingredient called pepitides, which help to increase the production of something called collagen in your body. You see, as people age, collagen production slows down and contributes to aging of the skin, which means it’s essential to have as much collagen in your system as possible.

Interestingly, potatoes contain pepitedes (which increase the production of collagen), but you would have to eat them in large quantities…far more than a human body could take.

Luckily, leading scientists in Latvia found a way to extract the pepitedes into supplement form, which means all you need to do is purchase a bottle of phytoceramides and you are well on your way to getting young and healthy skin with very little effort.

Are there any side effects?

There has been a lot of talk about phytoceramides side effects recently, especially since this is a pretty new supplement and there is very little research about long term usage However, as long as you buy phytoceramides that only contain natural ingredients then you really have very little to worry about, as there is nothing which can cause you harm.

For this reason, make sure you purchase the supplement from reputable sellers, and avoid the cheap knock offs that contain added chemicals and fillers to bulk out the product. At the end of the day, paying a little bit extra gives you that added peace of mind, so you can take phytoceramides with confidence and be rest assured that everything you are putting into your body is 100% whole and pure.


As you can see, phytoceramide supplements are completely safe to use as long as you buy from the right source, and if you take them on a regular basis then expect to see a miracle looking back at you in the mirror every single morning.

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4 Smart Ways to Save Money in 2015

moneyThe average debt for an American household is $37,249. Millions of people are turning to even more credit cards, personal loans, and even payday loans to help them keep paying the bills, although this only serves to put them deeper and deeper into debt.

If this includes you, then it’s important to understand that the only way out of this situation is to start saving more money in 2015 and beyond. You can get started with the tips below…

Compare energy suppliers

Are you paying too much for your energy? Most people are! Fortunately, you can easily visit a site like to compare the suppliers in your area side by side. It’s then a simple task of choosing the best deal so you are able to save the most money.

Spend less on fuel

Fuel prices are currently standing at an all-time high. The cost of running a car is through the roof and many people are starting to look at alternative sources of transport. Maybe you should be doing the same to save money in 2015?

For example you could start riding a bicycle to and from work, catch the tram, bus, or train, or even just start walking (it’s free and also good for exercise).

Get rid of mobile phone contracts

If you are coming to the end of your mobile phone contract then don’t renew. Sure, they will try and lure you into a new contract with the promise of a brand new phone but don’t take the bait.

Ultimately, locking yourself into these kind of contracts is expensive over the long term, and in the end you are much better off with a “pay-as-you-go” phone that only needs topping up when you use it.

Be smart at the supermarket

There are many different ways you can save money at the supermarket in 2015. Firstly, always make sure you plan out your meals a week in advance so you are able to buy exactly what you need and nothing more. Next, try and cook from scratch as much as possible, with all natural ingredients, so each meal is cheap but tasty.

Lastly, buy as much food in bulk as you can, as it works out a lot cheaper. This means foods such as rice, pasta and tinned goods.

The final word

Make sure 2015 is your best year yet, by saving as much money as possible and having a bank account that is constantly in the green. Good luck!

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The Insider Guide to DIY Painting (Professional Secrets Revealed)

painting guyNo matter if you have got to paint the exterior of your house or just a few walls, it’s never an easy job, and for a lot of people it is a very time consuming task.

Fortunately, we have just published “the insider guide to painting,” so you can discover all of the tips and tricks that professional painters use on a daily basis. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get straight into the guide…


One of the most closely guarded secrets of the painting trade is tinfoil. How is this? Well, if you’ve ever had a hard time when cleaning your paint tray at the end of a hard day, then you will soon be rushing out to buy all of the tinfoil you can lay your hands on.

This is because putting tinfoil into your tray before you pour out the paint is a great way to keep things extremely clean. Basically, all you need to do is remove the foil and throw it away when finished. In other words, never wash another paint tray ever again!

Painting wallpaper

If you are planning to paint wallpaper then make sure you buy paintable wallpaper as this makes the job 100x easier. Luckily, paintable wallpaper is now available in many different places, and you can get it very cheaply online.

Pour lid

Don’t you just hate it when you try to pour the paint into a tray and paint runs down the side of the can? The solution to this problem is to buy something called a pour lid, which can be easily fixed onto the top of a paint can and then it can be used time and time again without ever letting you down.

Cleaning paintbrushes

Ever noticed how paintbrushes are a real pain to get clean? Even if you leave them to sock in water overnight and then give them a good clean under the tap, there is still paint stuck within the bristles.

This is why you should use vinegar and hot water to clean paintbrushes. Use about half a cup of any kind of vinegar and half a cup of hot water and then leave the paintbrushes to soak for an hour. Then simply run the brushes under the tap and they will be super clean every single time and ready to be used again.


Hopefully these insider secrets for painting will make your next DIY project a lot easier. Good luck!

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5 Tips Everybody Should Know When Buying a Used Car

used carBuying Used Cars has become extremely popular in the last few years, mainly due to the fact that many people are looking to spend less and get more bang for their buck.

However, the risks increase when going down the second hand route, and if you’re not careful then it’s very easy to get ripped off.

Below are 5 tips everybody should know when buying a used car. Pay close attention.

Where to buy?

The first step in buying a used car is to decide where you are going to buy the vehicle? There are now many different channels available, such as buying privately, going to a dealer, using a site such as thegooddeal, or even visiting a car auction. You should choose the option that you feel most comfortable with.

Background check

A big mistake that many people make is not performing a background check on a used vehicle they are going to buy. For just £5 you can get the information straight away online, and then you will be instantly alerted to any problems associated with the car. It’s better to have peace of mind rather than buying a used car that breaks down on you within 2 weeks.

Always ask questions

Even if you don’t know too much about cars it’s still a good idea to always ask questions. Make sure you know the exact reasons why they are selling the car, and if they don’t give you a straight forward answer then be prepared to walk away from the deal.

Give the car a check

No matter if you are buying privately or through a dealership, you must give the car a check to make sure there are no underlying problems. When you don’t know anything about cars then it’s highly recommended to take someone who does along with you. This could be a family member, friends, or even a mechanic from your local garage.

Test drive

Never under any circumstances buy a used car without taking it for a test drive first. Sure, the vehicle might look nice when parked up, but you won’t gain a true understanding of the car until you hit the road and put it through its paces. For example, there might be a problem with the clutch, and this can only be identified by taking the car for a test drive.


Hopefully, these 5 tips have given you a better understanding of what it takes to buy a used car. In no time at all you will be hitting the roads in your dream car.

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Smart Ways to Boost Your Mood

smiley ballEverybody feels a bit down from time to time, but for some people it becomes a reoccurring theme. By all means go and visit your doctor and discuss the situation with him or her, but in the meantime you might want to check out the tips and tricks below.

Here are some smart ways to boost your mood:

Garcinia cambogia

There is a new supplement out there that goes by the name of garcinia cambogia and experts such as Dr Oz are calling it the biggest breakthrough in mood enhancement to ever hit the shelves.

Not only that, but it also helps you to lose weight as well, which means you can be both slim and happy.

Be around people

If you spend too much time alone then this will almost certainly have a negative impact on your mood. It’s an unfortunate fact that many people now think that spending time on Facebook or Instagram is socializing, and that meeting people in the real world is not required.

However, many experts agree that spending time on the internet is no substitute for real human interaction, and that just by spending one night out a week with friends can boost your mood significantly for the rest of the week.

Take control of your finances

With almost 250 million Americans in debt it’s no wonder that many people feel down all the time. If this includes you then you need to stop digging a hole for yourself.

Instead, stand tall and decide that you are going to take control of your finances and get yourself out of debt. Stop focusing on your problems and become goal orientated, and in no time at all you will start feeling better.

Stop watching TV

A recent study by the University of Maryland found out that people who watch TV are 4 times more likely to be unhappy and miserable than people who don’t. This is hardly surprising though, especially when you see all of the negativity and garbage that is spewed out by so called TV programs.

If you want to improve your mood then stop watching TV and start doing something with your life. Read a book, go hiking, take up a hobby, or start a business. The choice is yours.

Eat a healthy diet

The link between a healthy diet and improved mood has pretty much been proved by all of the leading scientists, which means if you want to start feeling better about yourself then all you need to do is change your eating habits. Eat plenty of oily fish as it contains omega-3, and stock up on a wide range of fruit and vegetables.

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How to Choose the Perfect Curtain Fabric in 5 Easy Steps

hallway curtainsMake no mistake about it, choosing curtain fabric is a stressful experience. The pressure to get it “just right” is probably weighing on your shoulders right now, and you know that one wrong move could end up costing you a lot of money over the long term (especially if you make the wrong choice and need to change it after a few months).

Luckily, our resident experts are on hand to help you choose the perfect curtain fabric for your needs in 5 easy steps. Enjoy!

Shop around

A lot of people buy curtain fabric from the same supplier for years and never think about shopping around for a better price.

In our opinion, this is a huge mistake, especially when you could easily save hundreds of dollars by shopping elsewhere. Use the internet to explore different suppliers and pricing before coming to your final decision.


If you want curtain fabric to last then it’s essential you choose a material that is durable and will endure the course despite the elements.

As an example, if the curtain is going to be exposed to a lot of direct sunlight then you should definitely avoid silk, and instead, choose a fabric such as chintzes or brocades.


Do you know exactly how much you can afford to spend on curtain fabric? Most people don’t, and this is why they end up spending way too much when making their purchase.

For this reason, you should decide on your budget BEFORE you visit the fabric store and then stick to it no matter what happens. At the end of the day, buying curtain fabric is not worth going into debt or putting yourself in financial hardship.


In order to avoid overspending on curtain fabric you should always measure the window area accurately with a metal ruler or tape measure.

Do this a few times to make sure you have the right measurements and then write down the numbers so you know exactly how much fabric to buy at the store.


While shopping for curtain fabric online is becoming more popular, it’s still the best option to go to your local store to make the purchase. The reason? So you are able to actually look at samples, and then see for yourself which is the best color and style.

The final word

Hopefully, the 5 easy steps above have given you a better idea on how to choose the perfect curtain fabric for your home.

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Buying Gifts For Your Husband or Boyfriend – 5 Tips

shopping bagIf you want to earn a few brownie points with your husband or boyfriend then you should pay very close attention to every single word written in this article. It could change your life!

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when buying a gift:

Don’t forget

The most important tip is to never forget to buy your husband or boyfriend a gift. They won’t be very happy when waking up on their birthday to find no gifts, so make sure you write down important dates and then buy your gifts early to avoid anything going wrong.

Do your homework

What type of things is your other half into these days? Maybe he likes to play a round of golf or he enjoys watching documentaries around the second world war? The more information you can get, the better chance you have of buying a gift that he actually likes.

Also, don’t forget to research products that he might need. As an example, if he is always walking around with a Grizzly Adams look, then you might want to consider buying him an electric shaver as a gift. You can check many mens shaver reviews on blogs and review sites through Google.

Find the cheapest deals

Taking the electric shaver example, if you want to find the cheapest deals and not get ripped off, then it’s a good idea to use a price comparison website on the internet. Not only will you be able to compare the prices side by side, but you might also find shavers that are on special offer, which can sometimes be over 50% off the recommended retail price.

Ask for help

If you decide to hit the stores in your local town or city to buy a gift for your husband or boyfriend, then make sure you ask for help if you are not familiar with the products you are looking to buy. When you don’t know much about golf clubs or fishing rods, then it’s a good idea to get the shop assistant involved to save yourself time and hassle.

Wrap the gift nicely

Despite common misconceptions, many men do pay very close attention to the way you wrap a gift, even noticing if you chose a wrapping paper that is in their favorite color or if the actual wrapping is neat and tidy.

With this in mind, always spend the time to wrap the gift nicely so it is presentable and will impress your partner. If wrapping isn’t really your thing, then you can pay a little bit extra at the store to have it gift wrapped.

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How to Select the Best Pre Workout Supplement: Branch Out with BCAAs

cartoon bicep curlAlmost everyone knows that if you’re serious about working out and improving your body inside and out that you’re going to have to start taking some protein supplements to help get the most out of your workouts. However, there are so many different supplements out there that you might never find the right one for you without a little help. Here’s what you need to know about what could easily be the best pre workout supplement out there for you and how to take it.

Look For What You Need

There’s a very particular type of protein that you need if you’re looking to find the best pre workout supplement out there. What you should be looking for is any supplement that’s rich in branched-chain amino acids. These BCAAs, individually known as leucine, isoleucine, and valine, offer fantastic synergy when taken together in a supplement.  When it comes to the growth and repair of muscle tissue, BCAAs work together extremely well and can leave you feeling less sore after a good workout and provide you with the energy you need to push hard for those gains.

Double Dip Your BCAA Dose

While you might think you’ll have to take a BCAA supplement on its own in order to get the best results, you’ll be happy to know that many other protein supplements actually contain these amino acids as well. Whey protein is an excellent source for BCAAs, and also contains additional amino acids in peptide chains that will support your workout by increasing blood flow to your muscles. Another excellent source of BCAAs is glutamine, which has been proven to increase the amount of leucine in your muscles and can also help with post-workout fatigue and providing a boost to your immune system.

Just a Few Grams

If you’re taking a BCAA supplement on its own, you’re in luck – all you need to do is to include 5 to 10 grams of protein powder both before and after your workout session. You can even help kickstart your day by adding the same amount of BCAA supplement first thing in the morning with your protein shake. Just make sure that the supplement you select has a good ratio of leucine to the other two amino acids. The best mix is to have twice as much leucine as you do valine and isoleucine in order to get the biggest benefit from your workout supplement.

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